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Infrared Flasher Kit with High Powered IR array

Adjustable flash rate from 5 to 20 Hz. The kit includes all components, instructions, and a high powered infrared array. Assembly is not available for this kit. Soldering skills are required. Thank you! *

$89.95 (Shipping Included in the US)

High Powered IR Array Kit

This kit is a great high powered array. Kit comes with 36 high power infrared LEDs, a 2"diameter PC board with silk screen and solder mask, 4 resistors, and assembly notes. Approximate assembly time is under 1 hour. IR Array is designed to operate between 12-15VDC, with maximum efficiency at 14VDC. Units can be daisy chained. Mount anywhere with the convenient hole in the center. At 24 feet, the beam is approx 3-1/2 feet across. Thank you.*

$44.95 (shipping included in the US)

TV-B-Gone (tm) Super Power Enhancement Kit

Many of you own TV-B-Gone (tm) remote controls, to shut off offending TVs in restaurants, bars, and other public places. (For more information about TV-B-Gone, Click here .) Now, we have a full kit that will allow you to "super power" your TV-B-Gone (tm). This kit increase the range to almost 200 feet! Full instructions are included. Soldering is required.

$44.95 (shipping included in the US)

  • Infrared Flasher Plans

    These plans show you how to build an infrared flasher, with a variable rate from 5 to 20 Hz. For educational purposes only. $9.95 (shipped via email)

    Back to Kenneke Communications main page *All plans and kits are for educational purposes only. Their use and/or ownership may be illegal in your area. No sales to Oregon residents