Kenneke Comm - Reproduction Manuals

Kenneke Comm - Reproduction Manuals

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We offer electronic reproductions (pdf format) of the following manuals (see below for payment information..all manuals/schematics are $9.95 each. Some manuals are still in paper form, and we will scan upon order, so please allow a couple of days for us to email them to you. Also, you will need around 3MB of email space to receive the file. All are scans of manuals. In some instances the original material was of low quality. All is readable, though.):

  • AN/ARC-5 Military Radio Manual
  • ARC Military Receivers Users Guide
  • Apelco DXL 6100 Marine Loran C Navigator
  • Apelco DXL 6000MKII Marine Loran C Navigator
  • Apelco DXL 6300 Loran C Navigator
  • Apelco DXL 6600 Loran See Navigator..
  • Apelco LDR 9900 LCD Radar quick reference card..
  • Bergans Ally Canoe Assembly Manual..
  • BC-224-F BC-224-K BC-348-K BC-348-H BC-348-L BC-348-R Military Receiver
  • Concord DF-1 RDF..
  • Furuno LC-70 Loran-C Navigator quick reference
  • Furuno LC-80 Loran-C Manual..
  • Horizon LTD 861S Marine VHF Transceiver
  • II Morrow Tigershark LCL Loran-C Receiver
  • Knight Kit Broadcaster Schematic
  • Micrologic ML-7500 Marine Loran C Navigator..
  • Lister CS Diesel Engine Manual..
  • MicroLogic ML-5500 Loran C Navigator..
  • Micrologic ML-9100 DGPS Receiver Manual..
  • Micrologic Explorer Loran Users Guide
  • Voyager US1 LORAN C Manual..
  • Newmar LC Loran Filter Manual..
  • Quantrad Ranger Manual
  • Radio Shack/Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) Speech/Sound Cartridge
  • Ray Jefferson Model 630/RDF Radio Direction Finder..
  • Ray Jefferson Telescan-1500 Video Scan Sounder Depth..
  • Raytheon Raynav-570 Loran C Navigator..
  • Raytheon Raynav-550 Loran C Navigator..
  • RS-6 Military Transmitter/Receiver Manual
  • Sitex Model 787C Loran C 787 Receiver
  • TI 9930 Speech Option for TI 9900 and TI 9900N Loran-C Navigator
  • Texas Instruments TI 9900 and TI 9900N Loran C Navigator
  • Yaesu FT-301
  • Icom W-2A
  • Icom IC-M80 VHF Marine Radiotelephone
  • Uniden MC535 VHF Marine Radio
  • Radio Systems ESA-10 mixer console
  • Pioneer CT-220 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck
  • Marantz Model 2015 Stereophonic Receiver
  • Sony SRF-42 FM AM-Stereo radio
  • Hallicrafters SX-42 Receiver Owner's Manual and Service Bulletin
  • Gonset Communicator II 2 meter Transmitter/Receiver Schematic
  • Signal Corps U.S. Army BC-348-P Receiver, by Stromberg-Carlson Tel. MFg. Co. Schematic
  • VW 1980 Vanagon Owner's Manual
  • Volvo D24 Engine rebuild Manual

    Please indicate which reproduction manual you want via email after your purchase. See below to order:

    Electronic version: $9.95 (shipped via email)

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